D Josh Cook

Josh Cook
Oscar Solis
Layne Thue-Bludworth


How do we make design labor visible? We propose a performative exhibition, welcoming our audience to participate in a series of typographic experiments that surface the various forms of labor that are often obscured or minimized. Engaging in the tradition of urgent publishing, we have selected a series of critical texts that question the labor of design pedagogy, feminist perspectives, and queer language.


In a series of technological mediations, we will use the programming language Basil.js as our publication typesetter. Participants interact with a computational randomizer that selects and organizes a set of three texts from the series of text we have preselected. The programmed typesetter, Basil.js, will select the text, typeset the copy utilizing the conventions of “good design”, and print out the publication for our audience.

The creative coding programs P5.js & Touch Designer will act as type designer and will be the primary tools used to make our publication cover. Participants will interact with the software leading to the creation of graphics that will be executed and drawn by our pen plotter.

Each publication will be a unique object.


1. We will install graphics of our process on the 10x10 wall to introduce the audience to our performance.

2. A shelving unit will be installed to showcase a series of “master editions” of the publication. In total, the installed dimensions of the shelves will be 3’w x 5’h x 4”d

3. An 8 ft. folding table will hold our computers, printer, pen plotter, and Wiro binder.


On the day of the event we will be working in tandem with the machines below to produce unique publications. The top portion of our production line shown below will be the creation of our cover which consists of p5.js covers produced by the computer and pen plotter. The bottom portion of our production line shown below will be the creation of our text block through the use of basil.js and our printer. From there both lines meet where we will be Wiro binding the books for attendees to take with them.


Oscar Solis
.svg outputs to pen plotter


Layne Thue-Bludworth
A Head for Business
Cover and interior spreads created using basil.js


Josh Cook
Type FX
Created using p5.js