// Week 2 //

Monday 8/31

Today we analyzed our first pass at diagrams. I think everyone put in a good effort and there was solid discussion surrounding the results. It will be interesting to see how these evolve before wednesday and I am also interested to see how these objects that we have selected for the semester begin to take on or represent the characteristsic of our own topics of research. Fortunately everyone seemed to pic up on the metaphor/duality of my chosen object, the knife, and the floral motif created via animation in p5. Also, feedback on removing my object from a black field and placing it in some sort of setting proved fruitful as well. It may be furhter from what is “good design” but I really enjoy the aesthetic. Most recent version here.

Wednesday 9/2

Discussd more recent versions of our diagram work. I had worked on a few different versions between last class and this class in order to incorporate some sort of color or image in the background. I wanted to place this object in relation to education somehow so I opted to try incorporating the idea of the desk or educational workspace. I ultimately landed on the use of the cutting mat grid because not only could it be easily tiled to makeup the background but also because to me it represented my desk as well as design as a whole due to the use of the grid. That direction can be found here. We discussed that direction in class which lead to comments that the background was disorienting and also didn’t really say what I was hoping instead leading classmates to thinking of how this knife seems out of place and instead expect to see an exacto knife. One thought was to place this more firmly in a desk setting which I attempted by adding some desk items on the periphery. That direction can be found here, and didn’t really work for me. So instead I chose to opt for graph paper that can reference a notebook or field notebook and also still referenced the ever present design grid. I also chose to cover the paper in notes that I have been taking while researching/discussing my research around design education. That most recent version can be found here.