// Week 2 //

Tuesday 9/1

We drafted the character we will be working with for the next part of our project via Slack. From here we will be creating a set of up to ten rules that will be followed in order to create a mask that reppresents this anonymous character. We will be passing this set of rule to a third person that will then create the mask. The character that I drafted gos by the name MF SOON so you better believe that rule number onw will be to make a mask that mimics the one worn by Metal Fingers himself. In this session pouya and I also tlaked about how these characters and the pluralverse created through each of them could live in the form of a publication. Right now his idea for the calss is that this would exist as some form of web publication but we also discussed notions of finding ways to have a printed form as well. One idea thrown out would be a print-ready pdf exported from the site that would be generative/specific to each viewers visit to the site. Not sure how this would happen? Maybe p5? No clue.