// Week 5 //

Monday 9/21

// Class Notes Dump //
Not all folks involved want to share notes from the field
Artists are willing to work with us in whatever way
  • Open to collaboration
  • “this is what we have in mind, what do you think?”
Serial/evergreen publication/website the can be updated at a later date
Things we can work on now:
  1. Organization/form of content
    • print vs web
      • serial pub
      • blank pages and QR codes
    • shape/form of publicaiton
    • what can we do with the audio?
  2. What specific typographic forms can we implement?
    • explore through sketches
Draw to specific content in content report

// Scapegoat Journal //
Architecture journal >>> http://www.scapegoatjournal.org/
  • http://otherforms.net/scapegoat-11-life/
Form changes each issue based on content for each issue with a stable set of parameters
Always a:
  • cover
  • essays with titles
  • subheads
  • page numbers
  • footnotes
  • italics
  • images
  • sections/section headers
  • Images separate from text?
  • same grid

// Sketch Discussion //
How am I drawing boxes?
  • do they contain images?
  • do the images define the shape or should it be the other way around?
Is there logic to it?
  • something pulled from content?
  • recurring words something pulled from the text?
  • how to fit together anthropological and artistic work?
    • left and right aligned text boxes talking to each other?

!! There shouldn’t be any design elements not working for the concept !!
!! Everything carries the meaning !!

?? Concept all the way through text ??
  • Work with same content
  • bring in content if necessary
  • blow out entire essay/content with each concept

Tuesday 9/22

Wednesday 9/23

// Class Note Dump //
Glas, Jacques Derrida >>> https://www.google.com/search?q=glas+jacques+derrida&rlz=1C5CHFA_enUS777US777&sxsrf=ALeKk001oTssarnRLWHOJ83X5AwtIuEQAw:1600872566837&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi95rSFw__rAhVUJ80KHTqdC48Q_AUoAXoECDUQAw&biw=2227&bih=1289
How do we talk about these issues outside of the academy?
What is the point of the book? Who is the audience?

?? Think about the publication and how it could circulate ??
  • genre?
  • shape/form

?? What can we be working on ??

// Molly Doane Discussion //
Climate change is cover for injustice
Art and anthropology deals with:
  • how we talk about these issues outside fo the academy?
  • how do we find ways of representing things we feel are important?
Frankfurt School of thought:
Capitalism bought off working class through cheap goods (cheap because the cost are externalized on the environment)
  • How do you critique capitalism in this context?
  • information vs advertising
  • Critical art becomes important (adbusters)
More radical scholarship now as opposed to before
  • Activist anthropology
  • working within own political practice
  • based on own commitments
Leticia Bernhaus and Stella Brown about the accordion book