// Week 6 //

Sunday 9/27

Monday 9/28

// Class Note Dump //
Embrace monoprint through application of one-off color??
Hiding content below belt or inside shirt is interesting
Hide all inside shirt?
Sewn in tag in addition to publication (credit for each piece?)
Blank spaces allow for evolution/addition (evolving, personal Télémaque?)
More content means more volume (how loud do I wan want to be?)
Write an intro to the context-based credits (leaning into ignorant schoolmaster and self learning)
Jenny Holzer truisms as reference/way to change research questions into something concrete?
Companion publication as zine vs manual (what does each say formally?)
If goblet illustration stays how do I make the connection to Beatrice Warde a quicker read wihout being overly overt with it?
If I keep the type on sleeves, take time to typeset “properly”