// Week 7 //

Monday 10/5

// Class Notes Dump //

?? Think about global form for Monday ??

Deconstructing images to create new ones that relate to the text
Diagrammatic language

Agency and consciousness
  • Since Kant, trajectory of anthropomorphize non human objects to analize them
  • Agency of an animal vs a machine

Inputs and outputs
What is consciousness
Animism – all things (even rocks) have agency
Concrete poetry

Write Omur and Beate to get information on interviewers

Is mapping too hard to do?
  • How much do you need to know in order to map?
  • Can we created these pedagogical posters without a comprehensive mastery over the content?
  • Understand without mastering it?
  • In pages as opposed to making posters
Deconstruction, not necessarily the right mode.
  • after Derrida
  • Not philosophically deconstructive

?? Think about the content, what to include or not include ??
  • How/do we edit the interview?
  • Can we create a hypothetical audience?
  • Publish whole thing?
?? How do we represent/reconstruct the masterclass ??
?? Treat it as frames for comics ??
  • 7 days / 7 prompts
  • what materials survived
  • faux narrative made from transcripts

Wednesday 10/7

// Class Notes Dump //

// Omur Discussion Notes //
Master class significant in that it exists as a time frame (a week outside of normal life)
  • Productive in that concentration
Omur’s heart is in masterclass to make it into something

?? Play about anthropocene that comes out of master class meetings ??

Housing masterclass material as virtual archive or exhibition
  • Have materials for that application of the masterclass
Jack: present resistance to documentation
Framing it as a pedagogical framework
  • Omur on board with this
Omur and Beate interested in the format as something that can be expanded
Documentation as distraction?
Omur convo with Latour:
  • BL opted out of a lecture/talk in favor of a workshop.
  • Frustrated with one day transmission.
  • Mixed group of faculty and students.
  • Masterlass as a flexible form of engagement
  • Analyze form of masterclass
Masterclass as an academic experience, what does it mean and how does it work?
Adapting Brect to lovelock is nice but not as important
People can take away the format and what happened and how it can be helpful.

?? Is it possible to blend the interview and the masterclass ??

Interview exists as a different project (from Ralph’s mind)
Not part of humanities without walls project, just focused the fact that BL was in town
Would be meaningful to tie it to the broader book.
Opportunity for multiple published outcomes