// Week 7 //

Monday 10/5

// Class Note Dump //
Room for notes in book?
Room in margins for annotation?
White space defined by space used for writing notes?
Wavy notebook lines?
Embrace imperfection — rag by hand with paper/layout with cut paper and scan?
Reconsider pixel type?
Consider using monotalic for body copy?

Wednesday 10/7

// Class Note Dump //

// Map Notes //
Interesting to look through lens of genetics
  • modernism >>> eugenics?
How things relate through family trees
  • start before modernism
  • see how it morphs
Mind map/family tree
  • focus on location as well?
Tracking design lineage back or in relation to “self”
  • what influenced me
  • what forms of design exist beyond/after/stem from me (my design offspring)
  • Relate to others through lens of self
  • track current interests in relation to my own education
  • text, text and images, images
  • film/interactive? Interactive p5 thing? >>> https://www.timelineofthefarfuture.com/
    • Tie in links to the web?
  • what does leveraging only images do/say
  • instances or influences outside of design?
  • placing self within history of design pedagogy
  • mapping influence?
  • current/historical events
    • social media
    • political events
    • lived histories
Don’t just focus on education but all things?

Kerry James Marshall >>> https://www.artsy.net/artist/kerry-james-marshall