// Week 4 //

Friday 9/18

// Class Notes Dump //
“Please help me understand”
  • Empathy towards students
CAPE Recording will be posted online

Comfort is necessary for students to participate
Critiquing a piece is different from speaking about a text because intelligence is taken into consideration
Reading responses as ways of gauging interest
  • If a student who is quiet is following a line of discussion in their writing, encourage them to speak in discussion
5 seconds of silence
  • Hard to get a word in otherwise
Opportunity to send video of thoughts instead of participating in class
Difference between being shy vs being voiceless

How do we situate these words in the text:
Negligence - failure to engage students/students left out of the system/Adjuncts?
Politics of the commons = a resistance to enclosure?
Included vs excluded?
Surrounded can also be subjugated (inversion)
  • Reversal of Hollywood mode
  • Surround as false image?
Surrounds is empowering to subjugated peoples
  • many vs one, subjugated vs subjugator
“Threatened with democracy”
“The false image and its critique threaten the common with democracy, which is only ever to come, so that one day, which is only never to come, we will be more than what we are. But we already are. We’re already here, moving. We’ve been around. We’re more than politics, more than settled, more than democratic. We surround democracy’s false image in order to unsettle it. Every time it tries to enclose us in a decision, we’re undecided. Every time it tries to represent our will, we’re unwilling. Every time it tries to take root, we’re gone (because we’re already here, moving).” (19)
“We don’t want to be correct and we won’t be corrected. Politics proposes to make us better, but we were good already in the mutual debt that can never be made good,”(20)
Critiquing reaffirms?

Dianna Frid — Director of graduate studies
Hands-on vs hands-off
  • Cheryl is definitely hands-on
Student work presented as student work versus teachers work?
Sometimes as an educator you can disappear as an artist
“Juicy polemics vs uncomfortable silence”
Knowledge of how to navigation the education system
Teaching is lonely because you cannot ask students “how am I doing?”