// Week 5 //

Thursday 9/24

Reading response to Lee Lozano Dropout Piece by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer : I found this text compelling in that prior to reading it I had no experience with Lozano. I find this the notion that the life she lived was her art (something in oppostion to living your craft?). When the Dropout Piece was first discussed in the text it seemed to me that it was some sort of fin art/avant-garde oral history. I really appreciate her commitment to not being neutral, and in fact living life in extremes (even if it seemingly casued her trouble later in life). I think it relates to the times we live in where everything seems to be operating within some sort of extreme, al of which seems to produce their own in tangible “pieces”. I (probably unlike my art school peers) was a bit astounded by the work that she was doing. I have some familiarity with concrete poetry and the instructions of Sol Lewitt, but am not familiar with artists producing work that consists of published thoughts, actions or desires. It seems obvious after reading this text, and familiarizing myself with artists mentioned. This makes me question how publicaiton acts as art in other ways. Obviously there are art books and books that are publicaitons of artists work, but how else can publishing (digital or otherwise) live as an art prictice. If you think in terms of Lozano, this digital learning journal could be seen as a work of art, and if that is true then are the thoughts/writing contained in the Evernote™ app not also works of art waiting to be published? This leads me to think about how this text realtes to education since it was read within the context of a class aimed at teaching artists. Can classes be works of art through their publishing? Do the collective learning journals created as part of this course make up the content that is to be printed/published to the page of the class? Last week we talked about artists who teack using student work as their art practice. Prevoiusly I have had thoughts of leveraging the class as an opportunity or input for publishing. Shit... lost that thought. Guess I shouldn’t have tried making my own Grass Piece.

Friday 9/25

// Lozano Discussion //
Failure not as a binary opposite to success but as a generative force.
  • the accident
  • slow failure
    • development of the fork
  • rizomatice failure
    • breakdown of communities?
What does failure tell us?
What do we want from our work?
Leeward island leading back to self.

Syllabi are subject to change and evolve (and they should)
  • change based on student needs
  • syllabus as contract for university
  • education is a project that is sold

“We should not be art workers but art dreamers”

Keaton Fox 9:57 AM
I think there are more artists in the world that don't call themselves artists as opposed to artists who do give themselves that title.

Jared Christopher Kelley 9:57 AM
^^ and they often understand living life in terms of their practice instead of shaping their practice around their life

Useful art vs useless art
  • art removed form everyday life and put into the institution as a tool of profit
  • use for everyone vs/turned into use for capital

Is Aesthetics a Cross-Cultural Cateategory? >>> http://www.denisdutton.com/weiner_review.htm#:~:text=Aesthetics%20Is%20a%20Cross%2Dcultural%20Category%2C%20edited%20by%20James%20Weiner.&text=Morphy%20insists%20he%20and%20Coote,of%20art%20in%20all%20cultures

Reject everything you’ve learned in order to transform yourself into a blank slate to rebuild from?

Why use piece vs performance?
Speech act >>> https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/speech-acts/
  • act that has a material purpose in the world
  • creating something through spoken language
Drop out piece in relation to social media >>> web 2.0 suicide machine

Oleksandra Chuprina 10:33 AM
i was just thinking was that possible for her to drop out being noticed because she was already well known? ... otherwise there are people who are dropping out with no notice;

~“Let the archeologists worry about this”

// Undercommons Discussion //
Austin McCann 11:25 AM
Maybe I understand it like this: the academy offers resources, but the devil's bargain is having to engage with putting oneself into relation to it (either pro- or con-) whereas they are arguing for stealing from it for one's own ends

Moten/Undercommons Podcast >>> https://open.spotify.com/episode/3TR8Q43wYOJTGdEjZtjJoY?si=WvDclyWJRLSRz1hoBLWvZg

What is stealing?
Who ho can have an anti-capitalist project within capitalism?