// Week 9 //

Thursday 10/22

Reading response to Tiny Creatures by Chris Kraus : I think that it is important that this text references the education of (or lack thereof) the artists who collaborated around and within the Tiny Creatures space. I have been doing some reading lately around what the Southland Institute calls “Other Schools” (I have been using the term “outside schools”). Often times these outside schools function closer to how this gallery space operates. A communal meeting space for collaboration and community making. I think this notion of outside schools and their relation to more traditional modes of education also maps pretty clearly (but maybe not neatly) to the the relationship that Tiny Creatures had to the more traditional/monied gallery system. I wonder how this community or communities like it exist in a post-covid world? Is it possible to create or do community building like this online? How can we recreate the spontaneity that allows for things like Tiny Creatures in a digital space? Same goes for outside schools. How do you set up or weave together a group of students willing to collaborate online? I guess it seems/sounds easy, but then again I am finding it hard to collaborate with my peers without the facilitation that is encouraged by a shared space (studio or otherwise). How do we me creative spaces for individuals to congregate online that don’t exists with some sort of predefined structure (social networks). Would going back to or trying to leverage some of the ethos of early internet help? Maybe this is not a concern shared by my classmates, but recently I feel like I am a man without a (creative) country.  

Reading respones to Welcome to Yourspace by Layne Relyea : DIY and network oriented, non-specialized art producers. Students/artists as data stored within databases (schools?). Man this text is boring as shit. Will have to give it another pass some other time. Brain too fried to be interested.

Friday 10/23

It was interesting to view a gallery through a phone. Really maybe you wonder about the future or what it is we’re doing here. There were a few instances where the phone viewing seemed better though, like when John placed us inside of a model house. That was pretty exciting. Although, I wish I would have just taken the time/risk to go visit in person.