Josh is a designer, art director, and burgeoning educator based in Chicago, IL who recently received his MDes from the University of Illinois Chicago. Prior to moving to Chicago he worked as an art director in Cleveland, OH. Josh designs with an eye towards craft, ephemerality, distortion, chance operation, and the interplay of analog and digital modes of production and specializes in print design, publication design, branding, campaign conception and execution, printmaking, JavaScript (p5.js and basil.js), bookbinding, illustration, and a bit of web design.


University of Illinois Chicago
Chicago, IL
MDes Graphic Design

Ohio UniversityAthens, OH
BFA Graphic Design
Business Minor


Loyola University
Chicago, IL
Adjunct Instructor
January 2022—Present

Northeastern Illinois University
Chicago, IL
Adjunct Instructor
    Type 1
    Code for Print
August 2021—Present

UIC School of Design
Chicago, IL
Adjunct Instructor
    Foundations Color Theory
January 2020—Present

Columbia College Chicago
Chicago, IL
Adjunct Instructor
    Fundamentals of Visual Design
September 2021—December 2021

UIC College of Architecture, Design and the Arts
Chicago, IL
Internal Designer
June 2020—May 2021

International Society of Typographic Designers
North America
Annual Student Assessment Scheme
2019, 2020

UIC College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs
Chicago, IL
Internal Designer
    Illinois 2020 Census
December 2019—June 2020

Marcus Thomas
Cleveland, OH
Designer / Art Director
December 2013—July 2019

Vicarel Studios
Denver, CO
Freelance Designer
October 2017—July 2019

AIGA Cleveland
Cleveland, OH
Community Outreach Committee
June 2018—July 2019


Code 4 Print
Obtuse Identity (branding for fictional consumers)
Print UI <---> Digital UI
Reading as Practice
Theft, Knockoffs, and Ripoffs
Bootleg Toys (comedy, subversion, and DIY packaging)
Prompt (urgent?) Course
Intuition (foundational foundation course)
Posthuman Design
Designer as Archivist
Adobe-Free Design (open source composition)
Readymade Identity/Packaging
Public Class (city as classroom)
Production 1 : Page
Production 2 : Book
Production 3 : Code
Production 4 : Knowledge