D Josh Cook

Focusing on the importance of reading alongside practice

Backdooring hard skills required for employment in the market
through exercises that are not so obviously market driven

Teaching convention while simultaneously encouraging student to
break from it in order to foster a plurality of approaches to design

Focusing on process as much as the final product

Encouraging students to see themselves as
co-investigators within the classroom

Figuring out how to grade when grading in creative
practices is not something I necessarily believe in

I believe that my approach to design education, in conjunction with the program’s mission, can enable students to build a critical lens through which they can see their own design practice within and outside of the professional sphere.

I can equip students with the skills necessary to evaluate their work and the work of their peers outside the good/bad binary through discussions and assignments based in process.

My inclination toward print production including but not limited to relief printing, screen printing, Risography, Xerography, cyanotype, and various methods of book binding allow me to run courses aimed at student-led publishing, allowing for more student perspectives in design writing and discourse.